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Highlight best features 

We are basically pros in manipulating camera lenses and settings, studio lights, backdrops, and other key aspects in product photography. So, expect to receive images of your product shot on the most fitting background, with the best angle and lighting, situated on the most appropriate base material.

Effective lighting 

No more overexposure, inappropriate lighting, and unnecessary flares on your images. We will adjust our studio lights, reflectors, and other accessories based on your product’s color, texture, or shape to make it presentable on the market. This will help you achieve the pure white background you want without doing any cutouts. 

Fast shooting 

We do our planning and executing quickly and exhaustively. Once we receive your wishes, requests, and product, our team will immediately get into planning strategies and styles to have a smooth shooting process.

Careful post-production 

Of course, we will also be in charge of correcting all the blemishes and flaws in the images we have captured. We will make sure the sizes, quality, and overall appearance of your order are ready for upload upon delivery.

Turn visitors into buyers 

By simply optimizing your product images, your store can gain as much as a 30% increase in sales—and that’s a significant jump! Our expertise, experience, talent, and skill will make sure your photos reach Amazon’s requirements and your audience’s standards.

Answers to your questions 

Can I place a custom order?

Yes, if you want to be more specific with your order, you can input your requirements here:

What file format will the images be in?

We will be delivering high-resolution photos of your product in JPEG format.

What type of products do you photograph?

We shoot any type of product for Amazon—it can be kitchen utensils, clothes, electronic devices, baby products, or even bathroom essentials.

How long will I have to wait for my order? 

This will depend on the package you have chosen. If you have opted for the planetary package, which only requires basic photo editing, you will most likely be receiving your order after three days. But if you wish to have either the galaxy or cosmos package, the order will take 14 days. 

Will you add reflections or shadows to the photos? 

Yes, we include shadows and reflections to the photos either through photo editing or studio light. 

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