Robert Nava – National Parks Depot

Robert Nava’s early life was rough—to say the least. From age 11-27, things were not looking good for him. In fact, he would spend most of his time in correctional facilities due to his crimes and drug use. 
However, this did not stop Robert from pursuing a decent life. Once he was released from the California State Prison in 2007, the ex-felon decided to turn his life around. However, considering his financial state at the time, this journey was not smooth at all. 
Like other aspiring people in business, Robert had to go through several hurdles before finally reaching success. National Parks Depot is an online store famous for its quality outdoor gear. 
Robert started this business venture by selling t-shirts through a Facebook page. And as his business earned traction, he decided it was time to sell products of his own. In the end, he thought that getting involved in dropshipping was the right path to take—and it was.
After he was clear on what product to sell and the perfect drop shipper to supply him with the products, he was all set. 
Once he had established his Shopify store, he took it a step further and promoted his business through Facebook ads. And to his surprise, that single ad worth $60 brought him about $1,000 worth of sales in just the first day. 
And ever since that moment, his sales multiplied exponentially that he started earning $80,000 sales a month. And for Robert, National Parks Depot was just the beginning of a life of victory.