Morgen Newman & Casey Elsass - Mixedmade

Morgen Newman and Casey Elsass’s business was impressively able to generate sales worth $170,000 in just ten months. After knowing this, you would expect that the duo’s business is so advanced and modish. But that is not the case at all. 
Morgan and Casey had the genius idea to simply mix two classic ingredients into something beyond delightful. 
Bushwick Kitchen began with an infusion of raw honey and chili flakes. And because this product was so successful, the pair decided to expand and add more flavor combinations. Several flavors and numerous press coverages later, Morgen and Casey established a brand that offers versatile and delightful sauces using nature’s finest ingredients.   
But of course, this experience was not all rainbows and butterflies. Some of the major issues the business encountered included PayPal freezing their accounts due to the overwhelming sales and shortages of bottle and chili suppliers. 
Nonetheless, Morgen and Casey did not allow those battles to win them over. Instead, they learned to diversify their payment options and suppliers. And because of those hurdles, they were able to gain priceless lessons that helped them continue to run their business successfully. 
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