Michael Dubin - Dollar Shave Club

How did this company that mainly sold razors be valued at 1 billion 5 years after its inception? Well, it's due to convenience and fantastic promotions. You see, the Dollar Shave Club is all about offering one-dollar monthly subscriptions in exchange for high-quality razors. 
And after Michael Dubin, the founder of the company, uploaded his humorously genius minute-long ad to YouTube, sales skyrocketed. Customers admired how practical and realistic the idea of selling one-dollar razors is, and they loved the company instantly! 
And since the razors were such a success, the company decided to expand their products and offer other inclusions like body cleansers and shaving butter. Now, the previously one-dollar subscription has been priced higher but remains under $10. Nonetheless, people remain loyal to the brand and what they stand for. 
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