Erick Bandholz - Beardbrand

Beard Brand's success began with Erick Bandholz's burning passion for taking care of his facial hair. He embarked on this journey by posting content centered on male grooming and the different essentials to beard care to a YouTube channel and blog. 
During that time, Erick noticed the shortage of men grooming products in the market and took it upon himself to change that. And In 2012, he launched the company and started offering the products in 2013. 
Of course, since the business' products were almost unheard of, it did not take long until the media got a hold of Bear Brand's story. Soon enough, his blog was recognized by the New York Times. And this gained him overwhelming support. 
Due to the audience's peak in interest, Erick immediately converted his blog into an online store. And the company has grown tremendously since then, with its daily sales reaching up to $20,000.
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