Shopify Newbies 

Formed by All About Self Employment: Graduate from Side Hustle to Small Busines, Shopify Newbies, is a group with almost 100,000 members. And before you can join, you have to be aware of the following rules: 


  1. Malicious, unjust, and disrespectful acts are not welcomed in the group, this includes rude behavior, racism, and sexism. 
  2. No clickbait content is allowed. 
  3. Asking other members to contact your privately is prohibited. 
  4. Posting links solely to promote your brand is not welcomed.
  5. To market your product or service, you need permission from the admin. 
  6. You are not allowed to sell your Shopify Stores in the group. 
  7. English is the only language you can use to communicate.