Building Your Online Store With WordPress and WooCommerce

Known for providing entrepreneurs with money-saving tips and tricks, Lisa Sims is a reputable professor of technology courses at Ashford University’s Forbes School. The author has written a couple of books, and among them is this one entitled “Building Your Online Store With WordPress and WooCommerce.”

Here, she touches on some of her experiences as an educator, web developer, and entrepreneur. Lisa Sims also explains the world of eCommerce and details some of the industry's largest marketplaces like Alibaba and Groupon.

You also get to learn the various steps to securing your online store, testing it, and further maintaining it.  Moreover, the other topics of the book include choosing a testing and marketing strategy. But most importantly, the book dives into the features, advantages, and uses of the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms and how to operate them to build your online store.

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