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Nowadays, people are going for wireless devices: AirPods, cordless telephones, WiFi, and more. However, people can’t seem to get rid of some wires involving television sets, computers, and chargers. And not only are they an eyesore inside your office or home, but they cause a lot of inconveniences. 

This cable organizer box may not seem like a necessity, but it will create a massive difference inside your home and workplace. Once you get one, you will instantly notice how useful it is and will most likely be purchasing more. 

Google Trends: Top 5 States Where This Product is Trending


  1. Washington 
  2. Alabama 
  3. New York 
  4. Ohio 
  5. New Jersey 

How to market: 


The advertisement will begin with a series of clips showing how inconvenient scattered wires are. You can show children tripping on the cables, pets biting the wires, and how overall unorganized they look inside the home.

Eventually, a homeowner gets tired of all the troubles and disadvantages the cables cause her and her family, so she decides to turn to the internet for solutions. Here, she stumbles across an influencer advertising the cable organizer box.

She orders them and has them delivered to her home. Once they arrive, her house becomes tidier, her children become safer, and her dogs look for other things to chew on.

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