How to Set Up Your First Amazon Product Listing in 2021 (A Beginner’s Guide)

Have you found your niche and sourced out your products already? Are you all set to start listing on Amazon officially? Well, if that’s the case, let’s jump right in and create your very first product listing! Put your game face on as we are about to go over the steps one by one.

Before you get too excited with the selling part, make sure that you have already set up your Amazon seller account. Once you have finished setting it up, log in to your account and head over to Seller Central. Go to Inventory on the main navigation menu and click on Add a Product.

In listing your product, Amazon has three options for you: (1) you can search an existing product by name or ID; (2) create a new product listing if your product is currently not sold on Amazon; or (3) you can also do a “bulk upload.”

Right now, I am assuming that you have thought of a way to stand out from an overly crowded industry and decided to bring a fresh and unique product to the market, so from these three options, we’re going to click on Create a new product listing. Once you’ve clicked it, Amazon will then ask you to classify your product to a category by browsing into its list or simply using the search engine function. It is imperative to choose the most appropriate category for your product so, take your time in going over the numerous options thoroughly. Once you have narrowed it down and spotted the perfect one, click the Select button.

On the next page, start filling out all the necessary information about your product. Amazon has divided the listing information into seven tabs: Vital Info, Variations, Offer, Images, Description, Keywords, and More Details.

Let’s start with the Vital Info. The first thing that the system will ask you to input is the Product Name –the title customers see on your listing. If you want your product to appear at the top of the search result, optimize your product title by packing it with as many relevant keywords and features as possible. Instead of using “Security Camera” as the product name, type in 1080p HD Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera with Night Vision”. The more valuable the keywords and specific the features, the better! To proceed, you must have to supply all the necessary information the system asks from you. Any box in red requires you to fill in details.

Commonly, new sellers got stuck in the Product ID. Note that to be sold on Amazon, every product must have a distinct and unique Product ID. You’ll need to contact your manufacturer for this information, or you might need to purchase a UPC for your product if you went private label. You can buy UPCs in bulk –search for affordable bundles on the web.

Now that you have completed the Vital Info tab, work your way through the Variations tab, where you specify the color, size, and other distinct variety of your product. The system will ask you to clarify the variation, input the exact details on the field, and then click “Add variations.” Once you’ve done this, the list of variations you have selected will appear on the page. All you have to do is fill in the relevant details for each variation, and then you can set your price in the “Offer” tab.

Whether you want to ship the orders by yourself or let Amazon do the job for you can is on the Offer tab. Such detail is under the Fulfillment Channel field, and the final choice is yours. Let’s upload your product photos on the Images tab.

Before you can upload your product photos, make sure to know Amazon’s requirements for all images uploaded to its system. The key here is to produce outstanding product images while playing under Amazon’s rules. Suppose you haven’t had the idea yet on how to do it, no need to worry as we can do it for you! Seller Universe offers Amazon Product Photography Service. Our team of talented photographers will produce top-notch product photos for you, including Hero Image, Main Image, Lifestyle Images, and even Infographics!

Next up is the Description tab, where crafting irresistibly enticing sales copy is the way to go. Here, your knowledge and expertise in copywriting are essential as you fill in its two sections: Key Product Features and Product Description. You might also want to consider outsourcing expert copywriters, and you’re just in luck as Seller Universe offers Amazon Copywriting service too!.

It’s time to go keyword gaming on the Keywords tab! One helpful hack to optimize your product listing on Amazon effectively is to be intelligent and strategic on both relevant and irrelevant keywords you use. It is worth investing in a keyword tool to help you with this.

If you want to add other information to your listing, it is best to do it on the More Details tab. This tab depends on your product category, and most of the fields are optional. You can skip over them, but you can fill in as many domains as you wish if you want to. Once done, go over everything, review every single detail you have added in each tab, and then click on the Save and Finish button.

Et voila! You have just completed your first Amazon product listing successfully! Just keep it going, and sales will eventually be flowing your way! Always remember to keep track of the trend, understand your customers, and never be afraid to go out of the box.